The Passion

Chotika Designs in collaboration with Sterling Crafts, represents high quality clothing and accessories available globally.

Fashion and couture are not all about glitz and glamour though, for decades it has been common practice to exploit under-developed counties for cheap labour which continues a cycle of crime and deprivation.

Chotika Designs is determined to put back into the community in several ways. Employing artists from marginalised communities, by teaching them skills to become independent and self sufficient. Chotika’s base in Thailand typifies the difficulties some counties are experiencing with deprivation and crime. Chotika and Sterling are in the early stages of establishing a charity to provide outlets in popular tourist areas of Thailand where local craftspeople can sell and promote their crafts.

As in Britain domestic violence in Thailand had been on the increase for some years. Family life has become fragmented and children are growing up to a single parent family and the financial strains result in crime and drug abuse, and a cycle is developing with imprisonment, deprivation, crime and so it goes.

Women who are currently marginalised face this cycle, Chotika and Sterling hope to help break this pattern, by providing training, skills, and expertise to empower these women so that they can be self sufficient, set an example to their children who in turn will develop into responsible, employed citizens. Earning a fair wage, learning new skills and enabling them to provide properly for their families.

Similarly Chotika and Sterling set out to achieve similar goals in Britain where there are also parallels between the cycle of crime. The long term plan is to recruit teachers to train with workshops and mentoring programs in Britain. Following up with assessment of skills, mentoring in marketing, sales etc. with opportunities to continue to utilise these skills to become self-sufficient. Profits from Chotika and Sterling will be used to finance and continue to increase this goal countrywide.

Chotika Designs is totally committed to comfort and lifestyle, at every level.