Crochet Maxi Dress Tips & Styles

crochet maxi dressesNothing says boho style like a crochet maxi dress. These are ideal for nearly every event and can be readily dressed up or down to fit each and every occasion. Here are some tips and styles to help you get your new style going.

Crochet Lace Dress

Crochet looks like lace if it’s done right and these maxi dresses are fun and easy to wear. Since most of them are light and airy they lend themselves well to any season of the year. Simply wear over your favorite turtle neck or spaghetti tank or don your favorite sweater for extra warmth or coverage.

Crochet Lace Skirt

Lace skirts can easily be paired up with leggings or a favorite tee shirt. These are ideal for a fall or spring day where you may wish to stay warm but still look stylish. In the warmer months you can wear them sans leggings and remain cool as a cucumber.

Crochet Long Dress

Long styled dresses are ideal for fall and winter days. Pair them with leggings and a cute pair of boots for extra warmth or simply don a sweater over the top to help stay warmer. Pretty for a dinner party or special event you’ll be sure to wow when you select a long styled crochet dress.

Short Crochet Skirt

These are great for summer months when you might otherwise be wearing shorts crochet summer dress. If you desire more coverage consider wearing over tights or leggings to provide that extra barrier from the elements or exposure.


If you’re into boho styles like crochet dresses you’ll want to have a few great accessories to choose from. Start with a few tee shirts in varying lengths and pair with a belt. The belt can be elastic styled, western style or even a macramé style. You could also select a loose fitting blouse and style it that way.

Add in a few beads and you’re sure to wow. Boho offers up a variety of necklace options from a beaded necklace that hangs down between the breasts to something a bit more ecclectic that has a few beads or some seashell bobbles right at the neckline. Don’t forget a pair of earrings to match your necklace.

No boho style is complete without the proper footwear. For boho you’ll want to have a pair of knee high boots on hand. You may also wish to have a pair of ankle boots and some great sandals to choose from as well. Even a classy pair of wedge shoes will work well for crochet dresses. Consider colors such as blacks or browns as they tend to match most any colored crochet dress.

When you pick out a crochet maxi dress, make sure that you’re choosing something that is very versatile for your needs. Consider the neckline as well as the hemline. Consider the ability to wear a variety of tee shirts or spaghetti strap shirts with the dress. Choose colors that are really versatile as well. See also Fashion Crochet For Women from this article.