Chotika Designs goal is to make you look and feel like the hottest woman in the world, with the coolest attitude. All Chotika designs are unique or limited edition, you won’t be likely to meet a rival wearing the same outfit. Made with the finest quality material sourced from all over the world and from sustainable sources you can be assured of the highest standards, and feel comfortable not only with what you are wearing, but where the material originated.
Style, Chic. Casual, calm. Chotika is for all occasions, suitable for all situations. You can walk straight from the beach to the dinner party, all you need to do is change your shoes. Chotika is all about versatility, without fuss. One dress or top will suit with your other outfits making for a larger wardrobe in the same amount of space.
Chotika brings you colour, a rainbow to choose from, shocking pinks, subtle blues, raunchy reds – even acid yellows. Live lively, live colourful. Be subtle or daring with Chotika.